The Intricacies of Procedural Fairness and Employment Law: A Deep Dive into the Shaw Communications Canada Inc (2023 FCA 237) Case

Shaw Communications Canada Inc. (2023 FCA 237) <>, decided by the Federal Court of Appeal on December 5, 2023, is a pivotal case in the landscape of Canadian employment law. It highlights crucial aspects of procedural fairness, the role of adjudicators, and the interpretation of employment-related disputes. The case, presided over by Justices Gleason, Woods, … Read more

Understanding the Complexities of Employment Contracts and Wrongful Dismissal: CF+D Custom Fireplace Design Inc.

In the intricate world of employment law, CF+D Custom Fireplace Design Inc. (2023 ONSC 6708) <>, presided over by Justice M. Bordin in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, offers a comprehensive exploration of employment contract interpretation and wrongful dismissal. This case concluded on December 1, 2023, delves into the nuances of contractual obligations, termination … Read more

Navigating Employment Contracts: A Case Study of Max Wright Real Estate

In the fascinating realm of employment law, Max Wright Real Estate (2023 ONSC 5661) <>, adjudicated on October 10, 2023, by Justice Koehnen of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, offers essential insights into the complexities of employment contracts, particularly in the context of real estate agencies. This case is a compelling illustration of the … Read more

Navigating the Complexities of Workplace Racism: Vac Developments Limited

Vac Developments Limited, 2023 ONSC 4679 stands out as a significant legal battle involving allegations of workplace racism. This case provides crucial insights into how the legal system addresses such sensitive and impactful issues within the work environment. It offers essential lessons for both employees and employers in understanding and handling racial discrimination at work. … Read more

Exploring Workplace Rights and Responsibilities: The Case of Greenfirst Forest Products Inc. vs. United Steelworkers Local 1-2010

In Greenfirst Forest Products Inc. v United Steelworkers Local 1-2010, 2023 CanLII 103261 (ON LA), presided over by Arbitrator Randy L. Levinson, we explore an intriguing workplace scenario involving the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements, the application of the “Work Now Grieve Later” rule, and the delicate balance between management’s authority and workers’ rights. This … Read more

Extended Notice Periods in Wrongful Dismissal: Insights from IBM Canada Ltd. and Avaya Canada Corporation

The Ontario Court of Appeal decisions in IBM Canada Ltd. (2023 ONCA 702) <> and Avaya Canada Corporation (2023 ONCA 696) <>provide critical insights into when extended notice periods of over 24 months are warranted in wrongful dismissal cases. This blog post examines both cases, focusing on the unique factors that led to the awarding … Read more

Employer Meets The High Threshold Of With Cause Termination After Providing The Employee With Ample Warnings and Opportunities To Correct Their Conduct

The case of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) 2023 ONSC 5991 <> examined by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, stands as a pivotal moment in employment law, particularly in the context of wrongful termination and the concept of ‘just cause’. This ruling sheds light on the complexities of employment relationships and the legal … Read more

A Comprehensive Analysis of Constructive Dismissal: The Case of Airways Transit Service Ltd.

In the intricate landscape of employment law, the case of Airways Transit Service Ltd. and Badder Capital Group Ltd. 2023 ONSC 5725, adjudicated on October 11, 2023, stands as a noteworthy example. This case brings to light the complexities of constructive dismissal, a pivotal concept in employment relationships, offering valuable insights for both employers and … Read more

Unpacking the Bank of Montreal Case: Key Takeaways in Employment Law Overview

The employment law case of Bank of Montreal, 2023 ONSC 4829 delves into the intricacies of wrongful dismissal and the challenging aspects of claiming damages beyond the traditional scope. Our exploration will focus on understanding the key legal points and what they mean for employees and employers. Background of the Case The plaintiff, a former employee … Read more

Understanding Constructive Dismissal: A Deep Dive into the 3M Canada Case

The case of 3M Canada 2023 ONSC 5180 (CanLII), <>, presided over by Justice Spencer Nicholson on September 13, 2023, offers a detailed examination of the complexities surrounding constructive dismissal and disability accommodation in the workplace. This case, held in the Superior Court of Justice – Ontario, stands as a critical reference point for employees … Read more