Andrew Monkhouse, Toronto Employment Lawyer

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Andrew Monkhouse is a leading Toronto Employment Lawyer. His firm, Monkhouse Law (full site), consists of many employment lawyers and is known for advocacy and provides expert legal counsel zealously advocating for their clients.

You can be confident going forward when you have your own Bay Street employment boutique working for you.


Experience on both sides

Monkhouse Law represents both employers and employees in all aspects of employment law concentrating in Employment Litigation.

Our depth of experience, concentrating on litigation situations, makes Andrew Monkhouse, and his fellow Employment Lawyers, able to deliver timely, cost effective, and compassionate legal services.

Guaranteed Success

Monkhouse Law has a strong track record, both with Employers and with Employees. Our record allows us to put a guarantee on our work for employees.

We guarantee success for non-unionized employees who have been terminated. While you never pay more than our hourly rate we also guarantee that we win or you don’t have to pay our legal fees.

If you, or someone close to you, has been terminated, laid off, constructively dismissed, or harassed at work, you need legal representation. Make sure to contact us today!

For Employers we guarantee success by promising that if we don’t settle the case, and end up not being successful at hearings, or at trial, then you only have to pay half our hourly rates.

Consultation and Fee Structure

Monkhouse Law offers free 30 minute phone consultations with one of our experienced staff. If you are scheduled to come in for an in-person consultation, our standard consultation fee is $350 (including HST) which is required up front. All further fees are deferred until you are paid, and are not owing if you never get paid.

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